Today at the Mobile World Congress conference in Barcelona, Google today announced the first beta release of Flutter into a wider beta test and solution to the issue of fragmentation facing both Android and iOS operating systems.

What exactly Flutter is? Flutter works with existing code which helps developers create a beautiful native app for Android and iOS. Let’s see how the inexperienced and seasoned developers experience looks like!

With the increased use of the mobile demands for business mobile app development is growing rapidly. Mobile app development taking place on various mobile OS platforms and a client has to make a choice to select the best one.

At present, we have two platforms, which are leading and consisting of 99% mobile users. It is iOS and Android mobile OS platforms trying to grab the space. For a business app, I consider the Android platform the best choice unless your target audience is predominantly using iOS devices.

Let me support my arguments my ways that why an Android business app is profitable.

Count Geographic of Your Target Audience

The best way to decide the most used mobile OS platform for your business application is looking its geographic distribution and matching it with your targeted audience.
According to statistic available on the web, we can say that the share Android is huge and cover 80% market. However, iOS is dominating in the affluent countries even though Android has more than 45% share in the USA market.

Compare the App Marketplaces

If you are aiming to make some fortune out of the market by developing a business app comparing the app marketplaces for both platforms, make some sense. In due course, you can compare following parameters.

• Ease of Deployment
• Visibility
• Room for Product Marketing
• Charges for Developers

In the comparison, the clear winner is Android marketplace Play Store thanks to the efforts of Google and suggest us to select it for the business app development.

Benefits of Open Source

The biggest benefits of Android platform is it's an open source platform that makes it cheaper and accessible to all. The porting from Android is easy, and Microsoft also has declared support for Android apps on its platform and devices.

Considering the given facts and figures, you might like to go for Android platform for your business app development. In due course, you can know more on our blog “Why Going with Android for Business App Development Makes Sense” or message the team of Android app development at SysBunny directly.

The contemporary technical world is coming up with new trend higher plus growing hugely every day. If youdecided to start some mobile application development project, but don’t know which programming language to choose, you have two options: to take a programming language test or just to choose the high apps usagelevels most popular one.

Whatever are the top-most programming languages most simple and popular on the market? Consequently, in April 2015 such effective one language was Java, C+ was on the second place, and C++ was on the third place. You can hire app developer for programming language and mobile app development. Programming is something vast and rather in the present day, individual and web developers chooses tools that are most huge demand in the field for them.

So, here is the list of most popular languages used in the industry and where you can see the rating of the most popular programming languages – top list for mobile app development in 2018.

  1. Swift
  2. Java
  3. PHP
  4. HTML5

If you have an app idea for mobile app development, and every app developer’s mind is to choose which programming language for the project, you must read the blog post first and contact the team of mobile app developers and to clarify things up front.